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I found Charlotte’s contact through a friend. I’m a Brazilian doing a Master’s in Human Rights at Birkbeck, University of London, and since English is not my first language I was very worried about finding someone that could help me with all essays and my dissertation.

Then, along came Charlotte. She is the most amazing person that I ever came across – and we’ve never met in person. I hope I can meet her one day to give her a huge hug ( I am Brazilian, remember! hahaah).

She goes beyond only helping me with the grammatical matter – which was a lot to deal with. She helped with the structure, cohesion, if I had got the essay question right, etc. I have a serious problem with introductions and conclusions – very silly I know – but it really stressed me out and Charlotte has been so patient and now that she knows that I struggle with it, from the beginning of every essay she gives me tips to help me.

I could be here saying so many other amazing things about Charlotte, but I will try to simplify by saying that she is an amazing professional that cares a lot, not only about your grammar, but she goes much further. I am very lucky to have found her.

Vanessa, Brazil