Prices – proofreading

I charge for how many minutes/hours the proofreading takes me to check.

  • 30 minutes checking time: £10
  • 1 hour checking time: £20
  • 1 hour 30 minutes checking time: £30
  • 2 hours checking time: £40
  • 2 hours 30 minutes checking time: £50
  • 3 hours checking time: £60
  • 3 hours 30 minutes checking time: £70
  • 4 hours checking time: £80
  • etc.

Taking payment

When you send me your proofreading form, I will email you a quote and then ask you to pay half (50%) of that as a deposit. Then, you will pay the balance after I have sent you back your completed piece of work.

A note about how I charge

Most proofreading companies will charge you an amount per word, but this is because they usually only check the work through once and then it is finished. I will check and return and you can correct and return until your work is perfect!

Checking this way is much better as sometimes it is difficult to understand your meaning from the first reading. Therefore I will write notes giving you two options – ‘did you mean this or this?’ and you can then choose which phrase/sentence fits your meaning the best. Then you can return it to me and I can check that this fits with the rest of the piece of work.

You will find that when I check your work I am not just correcting the grammar mistakes, but I I am trying to make your meaning clearer and the whole piece of writing much easier for the reader to understand.