I offer three types of services: Level and Skills Checks, Lessons and Proofreading.

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Level and Skills Checks

What is a level and skills check? A level and skills check is a very useful service where I analyse your English in detail and send you a report on the areas you need to improve. I will tell you in detail what you need to study in order to achieve your English goal. I … Continue reading Level and Skills Checks


What types of lessons are available? I offer three types of lessons: Speaking focused lessons Writing focused lessons Lessons with both a Speaking and Writing focus 1. Speaking lessons Speaking lessons will focus on what you need to improve in your speaking, including: grammar pronunciation vocabulary coherence fluency Speaking lessons will be conducted over Skype … Continue reading Lessons


What is a proofreading service? If you have a piece of writing in English that you would like to be checked for mistakes, then you can send it to me and I will check it for you. I use either Google Docs or Microsoft Word for my corrections (your choice). I will check any piece … Continue reading Proofreading