Lessons – adults

Each of Charlotte’s English Lessons is personalised and unique – with each lesson prepared especially for you and your specific needs.

Every student needs a trial lesson first. In your trial lesson, I will do an assessment of your English skills. After the trial lesson, I will then send you a report detailing what you need to study so that you can improve quickly.

When you book your lessons, I will then do a full course plan for you, including:

  • speaking and listening skills
  • pronunciation
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • anything else that you need to study.

Each standard lesson (Option A) will include:

  • focused study of these areas that you need to improve
  • free conversation
  • practice exercises to do at home (if you want to)
  • a document with notes on your lesson (including any errors that you have made, so that you can see what you still need to practise)
  • a recording of the lesson.

To book your trial lesson, please go to the Buy lessons page.