If you would like an assessment of your writing, you will need to book a trial lesson with writing included (Trial Lesson Option B). If you choose this option, you will have the standard trial lesson (Trial Lesson Option A) PLUS I will send you a writing task to complete and email. I will then mark your piece of writing and include your strengths and weaknesses in writing in your trial lesson report.

If you would then like to improve your writing as well as all your other skills, you should book lessons with writing included (Option B lessons). These lessons include everything that the standard lessons include, but you will also be given a writing task for homework which I will mark and email back to you before the lesson. You can then, if you wish, spend some of the lesson discussing how to improve this piece of work and learning specific techniques.

This option is particularly useful if you need to produce pieces of writing in English for your job, an exam that you are going to take, a course that you are studying, etc. If you have specific pieces of writing that you would like to work on, such as a CV, these lessons will be very helpful.

To book your trial lesson, please go to the Buy lessons page.