Trial lesson – kids

In your chid’s trial lesson, I will assess his/her English skills, and send you a report on what he/she can and can’t yet do in English.

Then you can choose:

1. Just take the report and study the skills your child needs to improve by yourselves.


2. Book a course of lessons and study the skills your child needs to improve with Charlotte. This way, you will be able to raise their English level in a short space of time.

Trial lesson format

The trial lesson will be a fun lesson with games, so your child will not feel like they are in a test!

However, the trial lesson will include:

  • Speaking assessment
  • Listening assessment
  • Pronunciation assessment
  • Grammar assessment
  • Vocabulary assessment
  • Plus, for an extra £2.50, your child can also have a Writing assessment which he/she will do after the lesson and email to me. (See an example of a trial lesson report with Writing included.)

To book a trial lesson for your child, please go to the Buy lessons page.