What is a proofreading service?

If you have a piece of writing in English that you would like to be checked for mistakes, then you can send it to me and I will check it for you. I use either Google Docs or Microsoft Word for my corrections (your choice).


I will check any piece of written work, but I specialise in academic essays for UK universities.

I will check for:

  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • style
  • structure
  • how well it answers the question (task response/achievement)
  • clarity
  • cohesion
  • spelling
  • punctuation
  • etc.


I believe that proofreading should be a collaborative process – it is your work, not mine – so I usually send my amendments back to you at least once for checking to make sure you are happy and then you make any final changes and resend to me. Therefore your writing will be exactly what you want to say and it will be double or triple checked.


If you are interested in using my proofreading services, please fill in this form: